Institutional Members



  • Alchemy Foundation
  • Bilezikian Family Foundation
  • The Casey and Family Foundation
  • Dunn Family Charitable Foundation
  • Essex County Community Foundation
  • F Three Foundation
  • GNU Foundation
  • Godley Family Foundation
  • High Water Global
  • Landry Family Foundation
  • New England Aquarium
  • The Oceans Foundation
  • The Osprey Foundation
  • The Schooner Foundation
  • The Sheehan Family Foundation

Individual Members

Please note:  Many NEID members are personally involved in the organizations they support in addition to their wider philanthropy.

“The advantage of NEID is it has engaged donors who are very involved with the organizations they’re supporting beyond traditional check-writing. There are a lot of donor networks out there, but the fact that this is local and very member driven makes it different.”

Stephanie Dodson, Draper Richards Kaplan.