Since 2008, NEID has successfully brought donors together to learn and network around core issues of international development.

Today NEID members’ philanthropic support reaches over 35 countries in 6 regions of the world. Collectively, NEID members annually distribute over tens of millions of dollars around the globe.

Geographic Areas of Interest
of our Members

Geographic Areas of Interest of our Members

Areas of Interest
of our Members

Areas of Interest of our Members

Roughly 45 percent of our members collaborate with each other on philanthropic projects, and 30 percent are now funding projects or sectors they learned of through NEID’s programming and community. Current and past joint initiatives of NEID include the NEID Giving Circle for Women and Girls (add link here to page on this) as well as past Disaster Relief Response efforts in Syria, Liberia, Nepal and Haiti. (need to add page describing past efforts here)

Through NEID assumptions are challenged, new financial commitments are made, and friendships are deepened to sustain international work that brings greater equity, empowerment, partnership, humility, intellectual rigor, effectiveness, and transformative social change to our world.