NEID Member Feature

Steven Fox

Steven Fox

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color are you, and why? 

Blue. Ever-warming blue, like the oceans.

What is your day job?

I run an international education company called Impact Global Education. We oversee four brands in a space. The four would be Think Impact, Cross Cultural Solutions, Thinking Beyond Borders, and Winterline. We operate 12 offices around the globe and work in a number of thematic areas, including social enterprise, skill-building, refugee work, international engagement, elder care, climate change, and childhood education.

What is the focus of your philanthropy?

Primarily environmental issues: fisheries and the oceans. However, I also do work in girls development domestically, and my wife and I do a little bit in displaced persons/refugees as well.

In general, how have you seen philanthropy/development change and grow since you began?

Mostly that climate change has come to the forefront. The level of donor knowledge and public knowledge has really increased. It used to be all about environmental conservation, but the nuances and know-how of donors have allowed folks to take on a myriad of issues otherwise left in the areas of academia and policy.

What inspires you to keep working for your cause day after day?

Fish are not sexy, and so there are few that will stand up for their degradation. I’m an economist by trade, so I look for the areas that are under-resourced, and fisheries and the oceans, which we understand about as much as we understand our greater universe, are always something really interesting for me. There’s always going to be a pressing issue today or tomorrow, but the environment or climate never seem to make that mark.

What do you see as the most important upcoming trends in philanthropy?

I’m starting to see foundations and individuals that are funding more general operating support for M&E or non-PRI stuff. That’s really encouraging to see, that people are investing in the institutions and organizations that they’re supporting, rather than taking on an issue-by-issue basis.

What has been your most impactful experience with NEID?

The Climate Giving Circle. That was a great blend of education and engagement and what I really liked was going from engagement to creating more developed donors. I felt like I came out a better donor afterward.

 If Hollywood made a movie about your life, which actor/actress would you want to play you and why?

My sister is a writer, and she’s dabbled in acting before, so she could play me. That’s fine.

 If a theme song played every time you walked in the room, what song would it be?

Let’s just have a nice white noise machine playing in the background? How about that?