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To join or make a contribution to the Giving Circle please fill out the form below. You will be redirected to the payment portal once the form is submitted.

The goal of the NEID Giving Circle is to identify organization(s)/individual(s) that are working on the issues that members of the giving circle have prioritized.

Because it is NEID’s mission to increase international giving from New England, we will be looking, among other things, for organizations/individuals doing this work that also have some link to New England (organization, board member, founder, mentor, etc.).

Each participant of the giving circle will ultimately be expected to contribute funds and NEID membership is required. NEID members will be asked to contribute a minimum of $1,200 while non-members will asked to first become members ($500) and then also contribute a minimum of $1,000 (a special rate for those joining NEID to participate in the giving circle).

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To ensure the comfort of all our members and to create an open learning environment, NEID maintains a strict non-solicitation policy. By joining NEID, you confirm that you are an international donor giving more than $5,000 annually to charitable causes outside of the US or have the capacity to expand your philanthropic giving internationally at this level or more. You also confirm that you will not solicit other members through fundraising or business development. Staff of grant making institutions that are also grant-seeking organizations whose function is solely or primarily fundraising are not eligible for participation. Advisors and consultants whose function is solely or primarily business development are not eligible for membership.