NEID Giving Circle on Climate Change Mitigation


In 2018 NEID is inaugurating a second GIVING CIRLCE, this one focused on CLIMATE CHANGE.  For many philanthropists and investors, climate change mitigation is a high priority, yet not everyone understands the many important ways that this issue is being addressed through philanthropy. This Giving Circle entails a learning journey, during which members of the giving circle get to know each other, pick a set of issues with respect to climate change mitigation that interests them as a group, learn more about how philanthropy and targeted investments can make a difference, and finally how they as a group can support climate change mitigation globally from New England.  A major focus of the Circle’s discussions will be jointly selecting and reviewing organizations that the Circle wants to support.

The goal of the NEID Giving Circle is to identify organization(s)/individual(s) that are creatively and effectively supporting international development and working on the issues that members of the giving circle have prioritized. Each year the members of the Giving Circle will select a new theme that they want to focus on.


Previous Grantees Include