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With the gift of NEID you are giving others the opportunity to become part of a community of thoughtful international donors. We welcome new and experienced donors and investors who have the capacity to give $5000 annually. NEID membership gives you access to a network of over 120 donors and philanthropists, grantmakers, social investors and their advisors with deep passion and broad expertise in funding global change. It provides access to over 30 events a year that promote peer-to-peer donor learning, a monthly newsletter with resources on international giving, and access to multiple networking events that promote collaboration among donors in global development.


NEID’s yearly programming includes thematic coffees on various issues such as global health and education, skill building workshops in impact investing and other approaches to giving internationally, and collaborative learning and giving opportunities such as the Giving Circle on Women and Girls. In 2018 we are excited to launch a series of new programs aimed at providing our community more opportunities to engage in interactive peer to peer learning. These programs include a second Giving Circle focused on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, as well as, a day long International Philanthropy Symposium which we are organizing in partnership with The Philanthropic Initiative. The Symposium is a donor only event designed to build donor capacity and provide opportunities for donors to inspire and be inspired by the work of their peers.


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To ensure the comfort of all our members and to create an open learning environment, NEID maintains a strict non-solicitation policy. By joining NEID, you confirm that you are an international donor giving more than $5,000 annually to charitable causes outside of the US or have the capacity to expand your philanthropic giving internationally at this level or more. You also confirm that you will not solicit other members through fundraising or business development. Staff of grant making institutions that are also grant-seeking organizations whose function is solely or primarily fundraising are not eligible for participation. Advisors and consultants whose function is solely or primarily business development are not eligible for membership.