Tanya Jones

As President of Aya Global, a philanthropic advisory practice, Ms. Jones offers strategic guidance to individuals and families to enable them to reach their philanthropic goals.  For over 15 years, Tanya Jones has worked to improve the health of women and children in rural communities of sub-Saharan Africa as an implementer, fundraiser and funder.  She had spearheaded philanthropic initiatives for a Fortune 500 corporation and a private foundation. Prior to founding Aya Global, Ms. Jones served as Portfolio Manager at the Barr Foundation, where she led the foundation’s community health portfolio in East Africa and India.  Previously, Ms. Jones, served as Staff Associate at Population Council based in Ghana. Ms. Jones and her Ghana Health Service and Population Council colleagues were the driving force behind the scaling-up of the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) program, which in the last decade has become an international model for rural health delivery and health systems strengthening.  Following her contributions to health policy translation in Ghana, Ms. Jones joined Pathfinder International as a resource development professional supporting Pathfinder’s field offices in Africa and South Asia to raise philanthropic funds from corporations and foundations. Ms. Jones earned a Masters’ Degree in Public Policy from Princeton University and a Masters’ Degree in Sociology from The University of California, Berkeley. Ms. Jones is currently completing her doctoral degree in Sociology, also at The University of California, Berkeley. Ms. Jones serves on the Steering Committee of both the New England International Donors and mPowering Frontline Health Workers.