Emily Nielsen Jones 

Emily Nielsen Jones is a donor-activist engaged in movements of equality, justice, and peace in our world, with a particular focus in the nexus of faith, gender, and development. The Imago Dei Fund does grant-making in three primary areas:  care of souls, care of creation &  justice/mercy.  In her role at the Imago Dei Fund, Emily has helped to adopt a “gender-lens” in all of its grant-making with a particular focus around partnering with inspired female change agents working to transform the deeper roots of female oppression which still exists in our world.  The Imago Dei Fund has regional engagements in Cambodia (collaborative grant-making around anti-trafficking and women’s leadership development), increasingly in Haiti/DR, and in Africa primarily around gender-lens investing and women’s leadership/economic development.  Active in the women-led philanthropy movement, Emily is a member of the Women’s Donor NetworkWomen Moving Millions and serves on various boards: the Boston Women’s Fund; the Hildegard New Economy Fund; the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women; Women of Faith for Peace & Security; the Global Fund for Women, and is part of a team exploring the feasibility of creating a gender-lens social-impact giving circle in Boston.  She also blogs on the particular challenges/opportunities of working to create gender balance within the faith-inspired humanitarian sector.  Emily studied at Dartmouth College, Boston University, and has a credential in spiritual direction.