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NEID Members Eliza Petrow, Tanya Jones and Karen Keating Ansara have spearheaded a collaborative response from NEID to the Ebola crisis. Through multiple panels with local experts and international NGOs, as well as the Beyond Ebola Fund, NEID is addressing immediate and well as future needs that may arise.

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Please follow these links for an Ebola Response Table of Donors chart and an Ebola Response Table of Funds chart. (Updated: 1.12) These downloadable charts are a partial list of some of the Ebola Funds and Donor Commitments that we are currently aware of. To better understand the recipients of the above list of donor funding, please follow this link for an Ebola Response Table of Recipients chart. This downloadable chart contains updated information on the work of the related INGOs, Social Enterprises, Grassroots Organizations, and Governments.

Please note that this information is not intended as an endorsement of any particular fund or organization, and the information is changing so rapidly that there are likely many groups and donor funds missing.  However, we are posting this list in an effort to share information to facilitate collaboration. Please send us an email at if you have additional information that should be added to this list of donor funds and commitments to respond to Ebola.  Thank you.

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