NEID’s Beyond Ebola Fund

In 2014, when the world watched as the Ebola crisis spread throughout Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, NEID members took notice. Many had been supporting organizations in West Africa for years and recognized that this horrible disease was not only hurting many individuals and families, it was more broadly a setback to gains that had been made in international development. NEID members identified an urgent need for strategically targeted and immediate financial resources that could hit the ground quickly to help stem the existing outbreak and to prevent further  outbreaks. The media was full of reports about large donations being made, but NEID’s sources on the ground in Liberia and Sierra Leone reported that funds were not getting to organizations quickly enough.

In response to the situation, NEID quickly established the Beyond Ebola Fund at the Boston Foundation.

Through the Beyond Ebola Fund, NEID supported Last Mile Health to build capacity for the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Work to respond to the Ebola outbreak immediately and for a year after. NEID also deployed finances into “tipping point investments” to other efforts in West Africa to strengthen the overall response. For instance, NEID knew that Sierra Leone was in desperate need of nimble funding for small and mobile Ebola Containment Centers (as opposed to large Ebola Treatment Units) and effectively targeted its resources to support the Centers.

The first investment of NEID’s Beyond Ebola Fund sent five staff from Last Mile Health to the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Work. This team’s aim was to support the effective allocation and deployment of $257 million in multilateral/bilateral financing in a manner that permitted for equitable distribution of health services within Liberia for generations to come.

By pooling our funds in this innovative way, NEID members took advantage of the expertise of NEID staff and members who had their finger daily on the pulse of this extraordinary epidemic, and we demonstrated the power of collaboration and strategic philanthropy. Moreover, we help NEID gain recognition as the network of bold and informed funders that it is. We thank all the supporters of NEID’s Beyond Ebola Fund for their generosity that helped contain the Ebola epidemic.

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