Steering Committee

NEID has an active Steering Committee working to strategically network, bolster educational opportunities, and enable information sharing for members.

NEID Steering Committee

Karen Keating Ansara
Co-founder, NEID
Ansara Family Fund and Haiti Relief and
Reconstruction Fund at the Boston Foundation

Jessica Brown
Executive Director, New England Biolabs Foundation

David Campbell
Executive Director, All Hands Volunteers

Sasha Chanoff
Human Rights Advisor, Leir Charitable Foundations
Founder and Executive Director, RefugePoint

Vilas Dhar
Partner, Dhar Law LLP, Next Mile Project

Sarah Gauger
Independent Philanthropic Consultant
Former President, Hunt Alternatives Fund

Tom Haslett

Philanthropist and Social Entrepreneur

Tanya Jones
President, Aya Global

Elaine Martyn
VP, Relationship Management, Private Donor Group, Fidelity Charitable®

Emily Nielsen Jones
Co-Founder and President, The Imago Dei Fund

Anne Stetson
President, Lighthouse Global Consulting

Maggi Alexander
Senior Partner, Center for Global Philanthropy, The Philanthropic Initiative

NEID thanks the following past Steering Committee members for their service:

Nishith Acharya
Tom Bird
Jim Coutre
Stephanie Dodson
Christopher Ellinger
Tally Forbes
Kate Guedj
John Harvey
Raj Melville
Diana Samarasan
Mary Tiseo
Elizabeth Floor
Daniel Moss

NEID is administered by
The Philanthropic Initiative.