New England International Donors was founded in late 2008 by John Harvey formerly of EDGE Funders Alliance and Karen Keating Ansara of the Ansara Family Fund at the Boston Foundation. Dismayed by statistics showing less than 3% of U.S. philanthropy going toward international work, John and Karen hoped to inspire others to use their resources to create a more equitable and sustainable global future. John and Karen wanted to harness the energy and passion for international issues coming from New England donors, driven in many ways by the more than 150 international aid and research institutions in the Greater Boston area.

Their vision was that New England International Donors would provide a venue for networking with thoughtful leaders; for educating each other about best practices in international philanthropy and development; for sharing information about resources and events; and for achieving a greater impact through collaboration. Since 2008, NEID has grown into a vibrant network led by an active Steering Committee and with the participation of more than 110  individual and institutional members!

The Philanthropic Initiative’s Center for Global Philanthropy, provides strategic program and operational leadership for NEID.   TPI is committed to working with and for the community’s members – making individual connections and introductions, helping groups grapple with difficult questions, and providing resources to further philanthropic and personal interests.

NEID is administered by
The Philanthropic Initiative.