The community of NEID reaches more than 100 individuals, families, and institutions. Since 2008, NEID has successfully brought donors together through networking and educational events around the topics that New England’s global donors care about most.

NEID Chart

NEID members annually distribute tens of millions of dollars around the globe each year.

Roughly 45 percent of our members collaborate with each other on philanthropic projects, and 30 percent are now funding a project or sector they learned about through NEID.

Through NEID assumptions are challenged, new financial commitments are made, and friendships are deepened to sustain this work to bring greater equity, justice and compassion to our world.

NEID relies on the support of its community to operate. We encourage membership contributions that reflect a funder’s giving capacity and investment in the community itself. Join NEID or fulfill membership dues here.


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NEID is administered by
The Philanthropic Initiative.