About New England International Donors

Join us for NEID’s Annual Fall Dinner! Click here for more information.

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Please join us for the New England International Donors annual fall dinner! This year’s event will focus on the power of women and girls to create stability and security in their communities. We are honored to be joined by Dr. Sakena Yacoobi. There will also be an opportunity to participate in our “fund-a-need” program for several organizations supporting women and girls globally.

All proceeds from ticket and table sales will go to support NEID’s operations, allowing us to expand and grow to support members’ interests.


By coming together to share knowledge and experience, we become increasingly generous and committed philanthropists for global social change.

Through NEID, members:

>>  Learn & exchange ideas to increase the impact of their global giving

>>  Engage & collaborate with other international donors in New England

>>  Inspire & grow the giving community through forums, dinners, and networking events

Through personal connections, grappling together with difficult questions, providing in-depth educational opportunities, and sharing up-to-date information, NEID is sparking donor engagement and collaboration to further philanthropic and personal goals.

NEID members annually distribute tens of millions of dollars around the globe each year.

Roughly 45% of our members collaborate with each other on philanthropic projects, and 30 percent are now funding a project or sector they learned about through NEID. Through NEID assumptions are challenged, new financial commitments are made, and friendships are deepened to sustain this work to bring greater equity, justice, and compassion to our world.

NEID relies on the support of its community to operate.

NEID is administered by The Philanthropic Initiative’s Center for Global Philanthropy.

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NEID is administered by
The Philanthropic Initiative.